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Advent is a church season which includes the four Sundays before Christmas. It is a time of prayer and fasting to prepare for the anniversary of the birth (advent) of Christ.

The word "Advent" means "coming." Each year we remember an awesome event in history - that Jesus the Christ came in person. God promised He would send His Son, and He did.

Also, there is another Advent that will happen. Jesus will come a second time. The first time was in humility, but the second time will be in glory. The first time was to suffer, but the second time will be to reign!

Advent 1

Advent Week 1 - Jesus is the Prophet of prophets

We celebrate how it was clearly foretold that Christ would come by the lighting of the "Prophecy" candle.

Advent 2

Advent Week 2 - Jesus is the Priest of priests

We celebrate the coming of Jesus to be with us at Bethlehem by the lighting of the "Bethlehem" or "Peace" candle.

Advent 3

Advent Week 3 - Jesus is the King of kings

This third candle lit this week is always pink - a brighter color than the others. This reflects the rekindled joy in our hearts.

Advent 4

Advent Week 4 - Jesus is the Shepherd of shepherds

This last candle lit is the candle of Love. We celebrate how God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - Jesus is the Light in the darkness

This image represents the sacrifice that the born Savior would make on our behalf. Shadowed to reflect His coming death, the Light (representing the love and salvation of God) coming to us only through the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ


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