This section describes the exercise of drawing superheroic characters by studying, exaggerating and drawing photographic models!

Using your magazines as a source of photographic models, you will begin to study the cylinder bodies and surface details the human figure.

Next, you will determine which physical characteristics need to be changed to create the "larger-than-life" superhero!


    You will need:
  • Pencil, eraser
  • Plain paper
  • Tracing paper
  • ANY Magazine you like!


  • Get your sports magazines out, and find a picture to study.
  • Sketch out a quick cylinder body for the picture. Don't force the sketch to match the proportions of the Standard Model -- the person in the picture may not have those body proportions!
  • If you are having trouble at first, use your tracing paper directly over the photo to construct the cylinder body, capturing the figure as realistically as possible.
  • Next, study the figure and decide which physical characteristics must be changed or exaggerated to transform the human athlete into a superhero/supervillain of your choice! Make those changes!
  • Next, add the surface detail over the cylinder body framework.
  • If you are still having trouble, simply use another sheet of tracing paper directly over your modified cylinder body to construct the surface detail.
  • Take your time! There's no rush!

Bodybuilder Albert Beckles becomes Kraven the Hunter!!

A bodybuilder and former NYC mayor Ed Koch !!


Bodybuilder becomes Thor!!


Bodybuilder Barry DeMey becomes the Silver Surver!!

Bodybuilder Kevin Lawrence becomes the Champion!!

Talk-Show host Phil Donahue becomes the Supreme Intelligence!!

There's only one thing left to say.... BWAAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Well, either that or "Lord help us!"

Bodybuilder Shawn Ray becomes Havok!!

Bodybuilder Jim Demelo becomes theHorde!!

You just gotta agree -- Character Studies are a blast! I have many more such illustrations in my sketch books -- and you should, too! This is a great way to learn the human body in action -- from REALITY-- and also a great way to learn the superheroic body in action -- based on REALITY.

Keep practicing, and soon you will find that you can manipulate a cylinder body in your mind just as easily as you can manipulate a simple block! That's when the REAL FUN begins!

The art accompanying this tutorial was completed by me when I was a 22 years old aspiring comic book artist!