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June 28, 2023 Art Creation Process
Star Riders / Fenom Comics

Behind-the-scenes look at art creation using 3D models in Fenom Comics' epic sci-fi graphic novel STAR RIDERS.

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May 22, 2023 PODCAST: Outside The Panels -
Star Riders / Fenom Comics

Recent Outside the Panels podcast hosted by Johnny "the Machine" where I join Fenom Comics creator Tom Fenoglio and writer Tony Bedard to talk about comics and our fun collaboration on our upcoming sci-fi epic Star Riders. Great time!

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May 20, 2023 STAR-RIDERS Promotional Launch

This is the massive sci-fi epic I've been working on with writer Tony Bedard, inker Rob Hunter and the fantastic guys at Fenom Comics. I'll have more info coming soon - and sneak peeks into the concept art!

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MAY 20, 2023 - NEW ART DROP coming soon! Details to follow!

NIGHTWING art from my 4+ year run on that great title will be available for sale. Over 250 new pages! See the gallery here:



NIGHTWING art from my 4+ year run on that great title will be available for sale. Over 250 new pages! See the gallery here:



closed My commissions list is now OPEN!

Just shoot me a quick email to reserve your spot on the list. I'll respond via email to work out the commission details. EMAIL

Details of the most requested commissions packages are available here: COMMISSIONS

The most recent commissions can be seen on my facebook page. Other recent commissioned art can be seen here: COMMISSIONS PICS


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What I Do


Samples of some fun pieces I've created over the years. Published works - some in color, some in black & white - from my work on titles including Batman, Superman, Nightwing, Daredevil, Elektra, Hourman, Green Arrow, Richard Dragon and the X-Men.


If you love comics and you'd love to draw comics for a living, then this is the place for YOU! This section is designed to give the aspiring artist practical insights into the job of drawing comics. Primers and tutorials ranging from scheduling and directed study to dynamic figure drawing, perspective and visual storytelling will help you to prepare for this uniquely challenging career.


Looking to own that one-of-a-kind original art featuring all of your favorite characters together? This is the place for YOU! Commission Packages range from the simple Convention Sketch to the cool Comic Sketch Cover and Vignette to the full-blown, print-ready Pin-Up and Cover commission.


These illustrations are great fun and are tailored made for each art collector! Ever want to see a Minion as Daredevil?? How about Marvin the Martian as Green Lantern??? No worries - there are loads of Batman and Nightwing and pals, too!


My faith in Jesus Christ is the most important part of my life. By his sinless life, his death on the cross, his burial and his resurrection, Jesus has redeemed everyone who looks to him and believes in him. This area features a few pieces of Christian art I have created over the years.


Collectors of published cover art, splash pages, interior story art - this is the place for YOU! Select from art featuring Batman, Nightwing, Daredevil, Elektra, Superman, Robin, Green Arrow and Green Goblin!

PREVIEW Upcoming Work


Front Cover Art

BlackBox Comics' The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Front cover art.
For details, page previews, book reviews & interviews, go here:

I.T. - Secret World of Modern Banking
Vol. 2 Trade Collection

Front Cover Art

BlackBox Comics' I.T. - the Secret World of Modern Banking Volume 2 Trade Collection.
Front cover art.

My Clients

I've had a remarkable adventure working with the following clients:

Speaking of canvases, I wanted to talk about the growth of artist McDaniel during his time on Daredevil....
Few other artists were approaching comic-book storytelling with the verve and innovation Scott was back then. It's an editor's dream to be able to chart upward a penciler or writer's development. I saw it with Bill Sienkiewicz on Moon Knight, likewise with Frank Miller, John Romita Jr. and then Scott McDaniel on Daredevil. You sense the artist striving to find new ways to tell a story. Scott's layouts have a fluidity and sense of movement that's jaw-dropping. There's a grittiness to his art, as the story demanded, yet there is also a dreamy quality that's so effectively intermixed. Few artists can pull off that elusive dichotomy.
Exerpts from Afterword by Ralph Macchio
printed in Marvel Comics's Daredevil Epic Collection: Root of Evil. 2018.

Author image
Ralph Macchio Editor, Marvel Comics
Photo attribution: By I, Jeffrey O. Gustafson, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Dad. I luv to chew my toyz. And eet. U walk wit me reel guud. Thanx for my toyz.

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Sunny McDaniel Shih Tzu. Action hero.

About Me


I am an electrical engineer turned self-taught artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. I have worked as a penciler, inker, cover artist, layout artist and writer in comics for over twenty five years. I was blessed to enjoy rewarding runs on Marvel's Daredevil series and Elektra mini-series as well as DC Comics' Nightwing, Batman, Superman, Robin and Green Arrow monthly series and others. My creator-owned comics work includes BlackBox Comics' I.T. - the Secret World of Modern Banking and The Gospel of Jesus Christ - a Visual Presentation. Fun and unique projects, such as Marvel's Daredevil/Batman cross-over, DC's Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating: Aquaman with Stan Lee himself (!), posters, book-ends, statue design, and even the Batman spread in the DCU Heroes pop-up book, round out my adventures in comics.

I am best known for my high-contrast work on Marvel's Daredevil, my acrobatic and dynamic work on DC's Nightwing, and my full-color work on BlackBox Comics' Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The complete list of my comic book work can be found here:

comicbookDB - Scott McDaniel

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