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Drawing Comics

WELCOME to the section that brought most of you here in the first place!

Most likely, you are here because you LOVE comics and you'd LOVE to DRAW comics for a living! If so, you have come to the right place!

This section is designed to give the aspiring artist practical insights into the job of drawing comics!

Simply choose a topic from the list below, and we’re off and running!

Have fun!


Tutorial Selection List


Employment, pay and art returns
Books recommended to study
Cylinder bodies
Life Studies
Sports shots
Dual - sports shots and heroes
Nightwing in action!
Superman as the orig. Nightwing!
1-point to 5-point sytems


Gear you are going to need
How to MEET Deadlines


Cover Design - Nightwing #30
Cover Design - Young Justice No Man's Land Special
How to design distinct supporting characters
Critical visual storytelling tutorial
Visual storytelling process #1
Visual storytelling process #2
Visual storytelling process #3
Visual storytelling process #4
ACTION SCENE storytelling #1
BONUS: Nightwing statue design!

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